Case Studies

Digital Print + Large Format manufacturing company – board room level revenue projections – “£3 million in 5 years – we need to sell more equipment”. No real method or sales plan, Phil helped to build a practical workable sales process and pipeline, account management and client development, projections, pipeline internal branding and communications which have helped the business attract sales talent, renew client relationships and inspire everyone with a bright, colourful and well communicated visionary plan.

Major FMCG Consumer Retail company – delivery of branch level customer services throughout the UK – a totally different form of “customer service” aimed at the individual staff member accepting responsibility for their word, and customer facing actions.

Hospitality Regional hotel group Senior management leadership development, and external customer service solutions. The transformation of how the senior management relate to their staff – heightened connections between all staff, enhanced understanding of roles, problems and group solutions. A Train the Trainer program was also run leaving the Hotel in a stronger position to deliver their own programs to an exceptional standard.

International Executive Search and Selection – The delivery of a range of coaching, consulting and training initiatives designed to “stop the rot” which was a costly new staff turnover rate of 40% within the first 12 months and 70% by year 2, to also increase levels of billing and to co-create a staff development program that would ensure all new recruits hit no less than 80% of their sales target in year one. To also build into the program management and support staff skill development programs that not only increased performance but heightened the pygmalion effect and commitment and loyalty to the business.

Bradford University MBA Business School – delivery of programs that include Emotional Intelligence and Intelligent Networking.

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