‘KUTA’ came from a coaching session where a coachee said

I love these sessions you always seem to give me a good old kick up the arse…The metaphor was formed…

The reality:
raising existing Knowledge
adding some assistance with Understanding in the context of behavioural change
setting fresh and exciting Targets and then…
Adding the magical ActionK.U.T.A.

Phil Lee is a highly commended human resource Consultant, Coach and Training professional, with an extensive track record of applying practical workable development solutions, across a variety of industry sectors, engaging with audiences from junior staff to management at board room level.

The main focus of Phil’s career has been to develop people and teams, enhancing lighter approaches to complex human resource related challenges.

His style is to apply simple innovative dynamics and ideas, in order to energise using thought provoking skills to ‘refresh whilst adding value’ to clients existing knowledge pool and building on the clients current best practice human talent and brand ideal.

A no nonsense, fluff or bluff style
Phil’s ‘way’ is to work in an open collaborative manner in order to understand the aspirations for the management, the team and the individual – shared vision and values? A no nonsense, fluff or bluff style of: Where are we now? Where are we going? How are we going to get there? His track record of success, also includes helping to blueprint and design open communications using internal PR messages, mission aspirations and appraisals and recruitment interviews.

Phil also undertakes commissions as a qualified and highly experienced coach, in order to help individuals build deeper levels of understanding of self and connection with others and an acute understanding of their personal journey and professional achievements.

The how? The why? The what?
The holistic coaching skills employed by Phil enable clients to reflect on the micro details of the life path that they lead and macro actions and the implications for their acquired thinking abilities, their decision making, the how? The why? The what?.. Setting personal goals and creating a personal tangible and intangible map to identifying the vision for the future.

The tools that Phil uses vary depending upon client need but typically involve NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and or other.

For many years Phil has helped hundreds of people acquire heightened levels of consciousness and commitment to their word, transforming the relationship that they have with themselves and others for the better – coaching interventions that foster connection and commitment.

Coaching clients – from Board level HR Directors to Managing Directors and Technical Managers, beyond titles Phil sees everyone as “people who possess either the skills to face life and the necessary hope to maintain aspiration or not” Phil has delivered ground breaking interventions that have helped his coachees emerge beyond the barriers that they faced, wiser, stronger and more adept at tackling life’s challenges.

A highly experienced outdoorsman and qualified Mountain Leader
Phil is passionate about helping others tackle often tough physical challenges, getting beyond the aches and pains to truly experience triumph over physical adversity. Events Phil runs regularly are the gruelling Yorkshire 3 peaks, the National 3 Peaks and the Liverpool to Leeds cycle challenge over 127 miles.

Passionate about using life experiences
Phil has a genuine passion for drawing upon and sharing the many experiences he has enjoyed and some he has not, experiences that include working with elite military teams and in conflict environments, working with some of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs that include Emma Harrison (Secret Millionaire and owner of £200m t/o A4E) and the high intensity coaching he has acquired from his Panama based Shaman coach Hawk Carpenter.

Training – Phil has attended and passed the rigorous SCBC 1 and 2 courses whilst serving in the Coldstream Guards – SCBC 1 being Weapons and Tactics instructor, prior to that he had attended and passed Regimental instructor courses and topped it up by attending the recognised civilian Certificate in Education studying part time whilst in full time employment.

Phil has now amassed over 10 years of training course design, delivery and runs a Train the Trainer program in order to share his acquired knowledge and skills, including designing leading edge intranet based learning management systems.

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