Dont Ignore The Importance of State and Mood in Business

Do you think you are emotionally intelligent enough to be trusted with your mood state within a performance role?

I am suggesting that the cost in either lost business or poor performance through state or “mood” ignorance in our business is far too high for us to ignore – let me explain;

A person (for example) a recruitment consultant can get up and go to work in a state of mind that has been affected by a number of variables* the recruiter will then go to their desk taking that “state” with them which in turn affects how they view the day ahead and the tasks that they must complete, not including the effect that they have on others. Typically this means a poor “state” of mind will result in tasks being overlooked as not important enough or approaching sales calls without the necessary enthusiasm for inspiring prospective customers to make profitable decisions in their employers favour – or even affecting (negatively) other peoples performance.

Have Our Political Leaders Failed UK Workers?

“A living wage for all…!!” 1st April 1999 was a bad day for our country

It was the day when the Labour Government decided enough was enough and that legislation would be required to kick in and force our business leaders to pay a miserly minimum wage. So why do I suggest it was a BAD day? Well, sadly if our business leaders choose to get rich and pay the workers peanuts it’s their “right” I suppose, but is it morally “right”? The question I would ask is “Have our political leaders failed UK workers?”

Paralysis by Analysis

Ever heard the expression – “Paralysis by analysis”?

In Management guru language the term “paralysis by analysis” the over analysis of a topic, subject, person, state and or situation that renders the same incapable of “productive” action – micro management is another term – you may know someone who has received this unwelcome act?

To reduce the effects of paralysis from a coaching perspective we must first of all understand it, to master why people don’t do what they say they need to do – why they are paralysed from taking the right course actions.
Did you know that there are more businesses failing in the UK than starting up? More marriages failing than ever before? More bankruptcies, repossessions, obese people and suicides than ever before? (according to my very basic research on the web that is) if the above is true why is that? Is it because metrics have never been recorded as they are now or are we in a time when we have been given pretty much everything we could or should need to live a life but our value of “it” has changed? Just a thought….

Take an ‘In Trance’ Short Cut to Success

Why you suffer to acquire success and how to take an “In-Tranced” short cut..

I’d heard of Hypnosis, I mean who hasn’t? some of us have been hypnotised and others can’t be according to an article I found myself reading, in fact a few years I hired a stage hypnotist to help raise some money for charity I was supporting and watched in amazement how normal rational people suddenly turned themselves in chickens or carried out acts on stage that they would of course deny (until the photos appear ) But I still denied it could happen to me and so it transpires that we can’t actually be hypnotised without our unconscious (the place where decisions are made at an unconscious level) or conscious mind giving it the thumbs up. Hypnosis being a glorified version of absolute and concentrated thought of one single thing or inter related things. I’d also heard of self hypnosis but what has this to do with performance in and out of business?

What Are Active Listening Skills?

Active listening skills, one of the first traits of effective interpersonal skill development is in short supply according to many of the surveys on employee happiness – comments such as “my manager doesn’t listen to me” or “I feel invisible and I’m often ignored” etc – one of the key reasons for employee dissatisfaction.

Poor listening skills are not confined to the corporate working environment – people go home after work! Poor listening skills affect a person’s home and social life too, simply getting hold of the “skill” of listening could work wonders for inter-personal relationships and can contribute to significant and positive changes in performance.

What are Active listening skills? Simply put it is a label attached to the skill of listening, skills that require awareness of the following: Body language and positioning, eye control, repeating back, open ended questioning, genuine interest etc.

A Guide For Overcoming Dependency or Conditioned Thinking

‘Get out of your own way….’
So many people complain about being unable to ‘reach their potential’. Some believe that they are unable, for a multitude of reasons, to make significant gains in their careers, while others believe themselves incapable of overcoming the various obstacles in life.In this era of ‘self-help’, and with the prevalence of informal communication tools like the phone, internet and email, it is clear that the following statement is as relevant now as it originally was:

‘We are all better than we know. If only we can be brought to realise this, we will be unwilling to settle for anything less’. Kurt Hahn